Paige Concepcion

Paige received her degree in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Texas in Austin, which was driven by her passion for people and everything that makes up the human experience. She has spent her whole working life in leadership roles and in service of others in a variety of settings. As a natural caretaker, she is currently beginning her journey as a Mindfulness Meditation coach as she continues to strengthen her own personal practice. Her studies, as well as her life experience, have taught her that one’s lifestyle can be one’s medicine, and it’s worth the work that it takes to figure out what that looks like.

She is an advocate for psychedelic studies, dedicated to the world of mental health, and motivated to be a part of the healing our society so greatly needs. Her love for being in the clinic has her determined to use her skills to connect Transcend to those who would benefit the most from ketamine assisted psychotherapy.