Rachel Humphries

Rachel received her Master of Science in clinical mental health counseling in 2021 from Walden University. She obtained both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science is psychology with specialty emphasis in behavior, trauma, and crisis/disaster response. Rachel has provided mental health care in outpatient settings and through private practice. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate. With a medical background of nearly 20 years, she has responded to trauma and crisis incidents as a paramedic for a rural EMS agency.

This background has provided a unique perspective that has prepared Rachel to treat survivors of trauma, substance use disorders, mental health crisis, and chronic illness or pain. Rachel has received specialized training in personality disorders, CBT, CPT, Intuitive practices, and DBT allowing for a multifaceted view and approach to mental health care.

Rachel believes that mental health care is not a one size fits all model. She believes her role as a therapist is to help an individual heal themselves through a journey of processing, self-exploration, and evidence-based techniques and practices. Every situation and difficulty in life is as individual as the patient is, leading to a therapy approach that considers each aspect as an every changing path to growth and healing.