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What Is Coaching?
How Is It Different Than Therapy?

Generally, psychotherapy is focused on addressing past wounds and trauma, while coaching is more often focused on helping people achieve future goals. Coaching may include addressing the past if necessary to serve the client in the present moment.

Who Would Benefit
From Coaching?

Clients who express a sincere interest in making actionable steps towards achieving goals make excellent coaching clients once they are out of acute distress.

What Types Of Services
Do Coaches Offer?

Our coaches help to identify current issues and brainstorm a plan to address them outside of your psychotherapy sessions.

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Empowerment
  • Creation of actionable steps
  • Development of skills
  • Providing resources, referrals and education
How Much Do
Services Cost?

Clients undergoing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy are eligible to receive one complimentary coaching intake session (differs from your medical intake) and one free follow-up call. If coaching feels like a good fit and you wish to proceed, options are:

  • Option A = $60 per session (one hour), $30 follow-up phone calls (30 minutes)
  • Option B = Package of 4 sessions for $200 (with follow up calls free)
  • Option C = Focused skills classes such as meditation or breathwork coaching $40 each

You are worth it.

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Paige Concepcion
Care Cordinator
"Individuality is important in any modality of treatment, and the Transcend team holds this in high regard."

Everyone is different. Here at Transcend, we practice individualized treatment, and therefore, the number of sessions per person will look different. Though KAP is a series for a reason, and we do encourage once a week for at least 4  weeks in order to build momentum. We can’t predict a series length until we are further along with the process.

"I cannot thank Will and Paul enough for the difference they've made in my life and can only hope that more clinics will follow their model and match their passion to grow the field and help more people."
Aaron H
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