Client Reviews.

Aaron H

Transcend Multimodality Clinic is providing life changing treatments in a comfortable and safe setting.

The idea of being treated with a Ketamine infusion was never something I had considered before it was brought up as an option by my medical professional; and it is something that took me a while to warm up to. Transcend has created the best possible environment to explore this treatment option with confident and deeply experienced staff that remove any of the concern that may exist with seeking help in this way.

The people working at Transcend are some of the best in their respective fields, and do an excellent job of explaining the process at your first visit, ensuring a safe and stable treatment environment, and counseling you through the process to get the most out of it.

I cannot thank Will and Paul enough for the difference they've made in my life and can only hope that more clinics will follow their model and match their passion to grow the field and help more people.

Lauren M

I just finished my sixth infusion, and it has been life changing. I’ve been in and out of therapy and on meds for depression and anxiety for almost 25 years. None of it came anywhere close to actually *healing* me. This has, or at least has given me a much-needed reprieve!

The staff is all fantastic! Carol (amazing!) was my therapist, Will (amazing!) my nurse, and Paige (amazing!) does the administrative stuff. All of them are incredibly knowledgeable about how ketamine works, all the recent studies, etc.

I learned about ketamine therapy from my psychiatrist.  I was hesitant at first, because it sounds pretty out there. But I read a lot of studies and decided IV infusions were the way to go, since they’re the most effective. And I wanted it to be therapist-assisted, because the results are better that way. So, I looked and found Transcend. For the first time in my teen/adult life, I am sub-clinical, which means I’m officially, medically, no longer depressed!

If you feel like you’ve tried it all or just want to kick depression/anxiety for good, please check this place out!

Marcus H

If you are at what feels like the end of the road, you have found exactly where you need to be. It is hard to put into words just how much Transcend Ketamine Clinic has changed my life. After 8 years of trying every prescription drug and cocktail my psychiatrists could manage, I had given up hope. I thought that I would also be a broken person with broken emotions. A phrase I regularly spouted to my therapist was that "Life will never feel as good as how painful it is."

At what felt like the end of the road, my therapist recommended ketamine infusions. I looked around Austin and accepted this was just the next thing I would try and it would fail, until I spoke with one of Transcend Ketamine's therapists, Anna.

At the bottom of the deepest darkest hole possible, recovery seemed like an impossibility. After just minutes of speaking on the phone with Anna, I felt hope for the first time in my life. Hope that I could get better. Hope that maybe things wouldn't always be so painful. She listened to my story and cast no judgement, she gave support, kindness, and affirmation that there was still hope to hold onto.

The medicine I had been taken for years was a bandaid, but Transcend Ketamine Clinic was my chance to finally truly heal what was broken.

The staff at Transcend has nothing but kindness in their hearts. Each member of their team treated me like a member of their family. I was supported and guided through every step of the process. They left no question unanswered, no concern ignored, and were prepared and experienced beyond belief.

I have grown into someone that I never thought possible. I have experienced joy and happiness for the first time in my entire life. They held my hand through the toughest experiences I've ever faced, celebrated me at every step of the journey, and prepared me for a future as a new person.

I owe my happiness and who I am to the professional team at Transcend Ketamine Clinic. I am eternally grateful for their care and support. It is hard to speak about my recovery, but the impact it has made is worth sharing and I will advocate for them at every step of the way, just as they did for me.

Susannah J

I want to express my gratitude to the staff at Transcend Multimodality Ketamine Clinic: Will, Courtney, Paige, Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Daanen. My teenage daughter has been battling depression and anxiety for several years. She is a beautiful, super smart, and athletic young lady. The depression and anxiety were crippling her.  She tried numerous medications, underwent genetic testing for medication compatibility, ongoing counseling with therapists and psychiatrists.  Her psychiatrist was thinking that my daughter was "medication resistant" to the standard anti-depressants. She is a fighter and wants more than anything to "feel normal again", so she was willing to try the next thing. My cousin who suffers from depression and anxiety, was finding success with Ketamine IV infusion therapy from a doctor in Houston.  She suggested that we try Ketamine IV infusion for my daughter.  In researching the various clinics in Austin offering Ketamine therapy, Transcend Multimodality Ketamine Clinic stood out from the others in that they offered an RN to be present during the infusion as well as a licensed therapist to be present during the sessions to guide the patient through the healing process.  My daughter wanted to try it;  her psychiatrist and therapist were supportive, but cautious.  The Transcend Team was also cautious- they connected with my daughter's psychiatrist and therapist.  My daughter then  met with the Transcend medical and therapy team for initial consultations.   My daughter was at a very low point- losing interest in her sport, losing interest in completing coursework, not wanting to connect with friends, not making eye contact, irritable, staying up all night, etc.

After her first ketamine IV infusion and therapy session with Will and Courtney, my daughter felt different- "Mom, I have hope that the ketamine infusions will work."  Immediately, her focus on school greatly improved.  She started calling her friends to get together.  She even wanted to practice driving again- she has her learner's permit, but hadn't wanted to practice driving this past semester.  During her third session at Transcend, she was meeting first with Courtney, the therapist.  I was in the reception area and I could hear laughter from my daughter!  I hadn't heard her laugh like that in a long time!  I had tears of joy!  After her 4th ketamine infusion and therapy session we are happy to report that she is tapering off of her anti-depressant.  She continues to see her psychiatrist and therapist regularly and the Transcend Team also continues to "check in" with her progress.

The Transcend Team has been INCREDIBLE with our family!  They have been so caring and their knowledge of how to conduct the infusion session in tandem with the therapy session is the best approach!  My daughter has joy again.