Courtney Traber

We joke at Transcend that Courtney specializes in treating teens, elderly... and every other age too. Courtney additionally specializes in helping those experiencing substance abuse issues, mood disturbances, acute and chronic suicidality, traumatic responses, and psychotic episodes. She also received specialized experience and training in ACT, CBT, DBT, and mindfulness approaches.

Courtney came to Transcend with a wealth of experience having provided care within psychiatric inpatient, residential, and intensive outpatient environments, but being in the KAP room full-time for years has seasoned her and made her even more versatile. She has facilitated several thousand KAP sessions and helps to train our new KAP therapists.

Courtney received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of North Texas in 2017 after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Baylor University.

Courtney’s approach to therapy is tailored to and shaped by each client she encounters. She appreciates the uniqueness and complexity of each client’s inner world, as well as the inherent dilemmas of being human. Courtney strives to meet you where you are, just as you are, and join with you as a fellow traveler in this journey of existence. She aims to encourage each client’s movement toward genuine self-understanding and a more authentic way of being.

Courtney is currently available for telehealth therapy sessions for $150 per session.