Meet Franklin Frances, the hilarious, charming, handsome, gentle and intuitive pup here at Transcend Health Solutions. Frankie has the chillest personality and a heart full of love. With his soft fur and warm presence, Frankie creates a soothing atmosphere, helping to ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

Frankie understands the importance of creating a safe space for healing, and he's always ready to offer a paw to hold or a comforting nuzzle. Frankie can’t join KAP sessions because he would probably just lick you in the face the whole time but he will happily walk you back to the infusion room and be there when you get out.

When Frankie isn't busy spreading joy and comfort, you can find him enjoying belly rubs, tearing apart toys, or obsessively staring at his mom.

With his unwavering loyalty and gentle spirit, Frankie is an integral part of our team, helping to make each experience for our patients a little brighter and more enriching.