Will Ratliff

Will started out his career at age 18 working as an EMT-B. At 21 years of age he became a Licensed Paramedic and began working in a rural 911 EMS system. Continuing his education while still working in EMS, Will obtained his Registered Nursing license in 2013.

As a nurse, Will has worked in many different settings including: large, small, and freestanding emergency rooms, critical care, drug rehab as well as traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, and in-patient psychiatric hospitals for adult and pediatric patients. Will has worked both as a Flight Paramedic and Flight Nurse treating critical patients on the helicopter in the pre-hospital setting.

Will’s personal experience with managing his own PTSD and depression lead him to research Ketamine’s role in treating mood disorders.

Will is one of the founders of Transcend and serves as the Director of Operations and Lead Nurse/Paramedic. He has facilitated thousands of Ketamine infusions at Transcend.

As passionate as he is about using Ketamine to treat mood disorders and pain, he is even more passionate about helping people treat these conditions non-pharmacologically. Will spent many years learning how to treat his own symptoms with exercise, diet, meditation, and many other natural modalities.

He brings this experience and knowledge to Transcend to help shift the paradigm on how mental health and pain management is currently being treated in America.